Call for THAA Directory (大纽约地区清华校友会通讯录) Update

Dear Alumni,

We are calling for our THAA Directory(大纽约地区清华校友会通讯录) update.

THAA Alumni Directory serves as a collection point for both personal and professional information, provides networking opportunities for THAA alumni in Greater New York area for many years. The information we collect here will help us to provide more, targeted and better services to our THAA alumni in Greater New York area. All registered alumni will continue to receive the latest organization news, events and be able to get in contact with other THAA alumni in Greater New York area.

Please click the link below to update your info in our THAA Directory:

After submitting your info, you will have the option to edit your response. Click the link of "Edit your response", and bookmark the url or send the link to yourself so you can come back to update your information again if needed (the url is private and unique to yourself).

Please help us to pass the information to the alumni you know in Greater New York area so we can connect them.


Wenkui Yang
Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York